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Only high-quality materials can make high-quality products. To make high-quality cashmere sweaters, high-quality yarns are indispensable. The precise spinning production process aims to optimize the quality of knitting and handmade craftsman products. We start from the source, follow the procedures and check the layers, so that our yarns are more perfect while maintaining the original naturalness, so that the end consumers can enjoy the unparalleled comfort experience.


Cashmere is a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the roots of goat's coarse hair. It grows in the cold in winter and falls off when it turns warm in spring. Cashmere can resist wind and cold, naturally adapt to the climate, the colder the environment, the better the quality of cashmere, and it is also the most luxurious natural animal fiber that humans can use in textile materials. It has excellent quality and characteristics. The price is calculated in grams. , Internationally known as "fiber gem" and "soft gold".
Herders regard goats as their family members, as a gift from nature and grassland. M.ORO aims at pursuing pure natural fiber and taking every cashmere seriously.


M.ORO cashmere selects high-quality cashmere fibers from Inner Mongolia, and has carried out more than 300 natural energy-saving processes to achieve product quality that consumers are satisfied with. This process is sustainable and traceable. High-quality plush is made from goat raw cashmere undergoing complex and perfect craftsmanship. A high-quality luxury knitted cashmere sweater requires the high-quality, no-fleece combed from 4 goats. In order to maintain the original naturalness of cashmere and retain its natural color, it is necessary to dye the fiber through our professional technology, coupled with advanced Italian imported textile equipment and technology, to spin into various specifications of high-quality yarn.

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