The M.ORO CASHMERE yarn brand was established in 2014, relying on the absolute advantage of cashmere raw materials. From cultivating organic cashmere pastures to participating in species protection, the establishment of the Albas sheep breeding base, the improvement and standardization of the harvesting process and the introduction of Italian intelligent spinning equipment, to the implementation of the cashmere traceability system, M.ORO CASHMERE has established cashmere Sustainable and healthy development of a complete ecological industry chain, becoming a high-quality cashmere yarn supplier for many high-end brands at home and abroad.
        The company uses 18 Italian spinning equipment production lines with an annual production capacity of 1,500 tons.   The spinning mill strictly abides by the quality requirements, adopts Italian production technology and management methods, and keeps abreast of the production progress, quality status and other information in time. Effectively monitor product quality, improve production efficiency and speed up delivery progress.

Persist in the sustainable and healthy development of cashmere

        M.ORO cultivates 8,600 acres of organic pastures in Ordos Otuoke Banner, Inner Mongolia, and uses the organic farming regulations of the United States and the European Union as the standard and the concept of natural green for cashmere goat breeding  Has passed CU (CONTROL UNION Control Union) organic cashmere certification.
        The Albas cashmere goat is a typical desert steppe sheep, and its white cashmere production ranks first in the country.  It has an average fiber fineness of 15.8μm and a length of 40mm, which is called "fiber diamond".

Technological modern dyeing factory

        The M.ORO yarn mill purchased 52 sets of equipment such as the Italian LAWER automatic dyeing system and the American dyeing color measuring instrument. The color matching system adopts the latest American DATACOLOR system. The sample color tester is the RAPID ECO DYER color tester, and the dripping system is the Italian LAWER TD- LABV4 automatic dripping system, with automatic sample drawing and spinning
Yarn system can quickly prepare and transfer samples and realize zero difference between small samples and large goods. Intelligent dyeing sample and bulk dyeing production equipment is supplemented by advanced color measurement and matching system and central control production management system to ensure accurate color matching and meet customer needs.
         We use advanced Italian equipment to ensure the accuracy and fullness of our customers' colors. At the same time, in order to minimize the damage to the natural characteristics of cashmere fiber, it truly presents consumers with the most authentic natural fiber and the highest level of popular colors.
M.ORO gathers design resources at home and abroad, collects the trendy colors of the cutting-edge fashion circle and tracks the proofing and production process throughout, ensuring that M.ORO cashmere color cards will always be at the forefront of fashion.

Italian textile craftsmanship in China

        Introduce brand-new Italian Oktil, Bigagli, Savio and other internationally leading intelligent spinning equipment, and strictly implement Italian textile process to ensure the long-lasting and stable process quality of M.ORO fine yarn.
        On the basis of the introduction of spinning equipment, in order to ensure that the Italian cashmere spinning technology reaches China, we have also hired Mr. Giacomo Coda Zabetta, a senior Italian cashmere spinning technology expert, to provide guidance in the factory. Responsible for the cashmere spinning technology of the M.ORO factory, bringing the Italian cashmere spinning technology, and is committed to turning the M.ORO factory into a real Italian craftsmanship spinning factory.

Water conservation and green new energy

M.ORO Yarn Mill is committed to green production and environmental protection, and has created a collection of The assembly lines of "softened water treatment", "reclaimed water reuse" and "sewage treatment",At the same time, using advanced central recycling equipment, more than 50% of the dyeing wastewater can be recycled and reused.Ensure compliance with national sewage discharge standards,Do our utmost to reduce environmental pollution and make a contribution to environmental protection.

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